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 5.09:"Conspiracy Theory"

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MessageSujet: 5.09:"Conspiracy Theory"   Sam 4 Oct - 17:05

the building that houses the Global Development Organization is bombed,
it's time to line up the usual suspects: the CIA, the KKK, the Lone
Bomber -- all the usual suspects of the wingnut fringe. Finding the
real human being responsible requires a mathematician, not a flake...

his late 40s to late 50s, a master of the universe, Hanson is the head
of the Global Development Organization, founded in 2000 with "the
express notion that you can make the world a better place." A man whose
corporate board is a billionaire boy's club, Hanson has been fingered
by conspiracy theorists as the evil genius behind everything, from
fixing the Super Bowl to hiding Osama Bin Laden, and when Hanson's
building is blown to smithereens, everyone's a suspect. A believable,
earnest guy who states that his real goal in life is to transform the
lives of the desperately poor, Hanson is almost killed in the blast,
and the detectives have to pick and choose from among his many enemies.
But Hanson is a more slippery figure than his manner indicates, and the
motive for the bombing turns out to be a very down-to-earth kind of
criminal conspiracy: it was all about some real estate...GUEST STAR (1)

his late 20s to early 30s, wearing an Army surplus jacket, McGill is a
semi-professional wingnut, the kind of guy who believes that sinister
forces (aka GDO) are behind everything, from the Kennedy assassination
(either one) to the latest meltdown on Wall Street. A guy who has
toured the Pentagon a few too many times, a veteran of
anti-globalization rallies, he's spotted driving a Ryder van near GDO
Headquarters right before the second wave of bombs demolishes the
building. A "person of interest," not for the first time and not for
the last, he's brought in by the FBI for questioning, and laced in with
his nonsensical, paranoid rants are a few intriguing nuggets of fact.
Having hung out with every other conspiracy theorist on Earth, he winds
up assisting the detectives in their investigation...GUEST STAR (4)

man in his 40s, Brady is a CIA agent who is closely tracking the FBI's
investigation into the GDO bombing. A guy who's more comfortable in the
shadows than in the bright light of day, Brady intervenes at one point
to stop a pointless murder, and shows up uninvited in Don's office to
hash over a few points of mutual interest...sptv050769 ONE DAY GUEST
STAR (56)

member of the Aryan Brotherhood, in his mid 20s to early 30s, he has an
ugly hate-filled mug. Jonze is the mirror image of Ron McGill -- only
Jonze blames the blacks and the Jews for the downfall of America, not
the Trilateral Commission or the GDO. A Harley-driving conspiracy
theorist, he opts to shoot it out when the FBI comes calling, and he
gets his neck broken by Brady when he tries to kill Liz...CO-STAR (42)

hippie type chick in her mid 20s to early 30s is a suspicious (maybe
paranoid) friend of Ron McGill. She sticks her head into his edit bay
when Ron's questioned by the FBI...CO-STAR (20)

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5.09:"Conspiracy Theory"
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